About Us

Marcus Brown and Kyle Langan are Democratic Primary Challengers in the upcoming local election on Tuesday, November 7. Brown and Langan are running for City Council to represent the 132nd District of Bridgeport.

Marcus Brown is a lifelong resident of the great city of Bridgeport, spending his early years growing up in Marina Village and later moving to Brooklawn. His humble beginnings have inspired him to give back to his community, provide an equitable, accountable voice for the 132nd district and elevate the quality of life for all residents. Marcus brings a fresh perspective and independent ideas to Bridgeport while remaining committed to transparency.

A graduate of the Bridgeport Public Schools, Marcus understands the shortfalls of a system where education is chronically underfunded over decades. Many of the same issues that plagued Bridgeport in Marcus’ youth remain unresolved, including violent crime and an increasing tax burden.  While many of his classmates have moved away from Bridgeport for better opportunities, Marcus is committed to investing in the Park City so that it is a safe and an economic environment where all citizens can thrive.

Marcus has political campaign and strategy experience on a vast variety of levels from municipal, to the state house and senate, and Connecticut’s fourth congressional district. He has also coached U14 & U15 boys soccer for Bridgeport Premiere. Currently, Marcus attends Housatonic Community College where he also sits on the Student Senate. He is a member of the Greater Bridgeport Young Democrats and an elected representative of the Democratic Town Committee for the 132nd district. When he isn’t attending meetings at City Hall or organizing around issues in the community, Marcus also works as a Retail Associate at T-Mobile in Trumbull.

Marcus lives in Brooklawn with his Siberian Husky, Mia.


Kyle Langan is a son of Bridgeport, CT. He is proud to be born and raised in Bridgeport and is often seen around town sporting Bridgeport gear. After excelling at High Horizons Magnet, Kyle accepted a scholarship to Fairfield Prep. This transition from the diverse environment of Bridgeport public schools to the homogeneous environment of Prep was a shock to his system and his first glimpse into the benefits of diversity and the reality of social inequity. While at Prep he earned high marks and maintained his connection to the Bridgeport community, volunteering at the Burroughs community center, senior living homes and playing for Bridgeport Legion baseball. He accepted the Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. full scholarship for achievement and service to Boston University where he received his BA in English.

While at university, Kyle also founded a music event production, marketing and artist management company, The Brain Trust LLC, which still exists to this day. Kyle cherished the experience but decided the music industry wasn’t for him, desiring something that would allow him to give back to the community in a meaningful way. He worked for a time at a nonprofit in Newark, NJ and then became a teacher in Newark Public Schools. He taught high school special needs English for three years at East Side High School, achieving the status of ‘Highly Effective’ and being honored with the “Above and Beyond” Award. During this time he also earned his MA in Education Leadership Management and Policy from Seton Hall University.

As much as Newark reminded him of his home city, Kyle knew that he needed to come home which he did in June of 2016, accepting a teaching position at Achievement First Bridgeport Academy, a public state charter, as the 8th grade literature teacher. Almost immediately Kyle began to engage with the community seeking to advocate for his students and his city. Through this work he has made quick friends with many community based organizations and has been successful in channeling the young people with whom he works to positive activities outside of school. To continue to advocate for his students he became a regular at Board of Education, City Council and committee meetings. In attendance at these meetings he noticed the same small group of citizens and was discouraged by the difficulty in accessing information.

Kyle is dedicated to honest transparency in order to make Bridgeport’s democracy participatory.  He believes that through communication and accountability we can achieve more positive outcomes for our city at all levels. His background in entrepreneurship and policy analysis assist him in utilizing resources to find creative solutions to complex problems. Kyle is currently a member of Bridgeport Generation Now, the Greater Bridgeport Young Democrats and organizes education specific events as an individual.