Thank you to everyone for your support throughout the primary and the general election!
Marcus Brown and Kyle Langan are elected City Council members representing the 132nd District of Bridgeport, CT.

As a former mayoral candidate and member of the 139th Democratic Town Committee, I have the great pleasure to endorse the candidacy of Marcus Brown as he runs to represent the 132nd District as a Councilperson. Marcus has proven to be an intelligent, honest, strong and independent leader. He is the kind of young person we need to put into positions of leadership in our city. He will not be owned by anyone other than the voters of the 132nd District. I encourage you to vote for him.

From Charlie Coviello

Beyond a doubt, Marcus Brown and Kyle Langan are the most, if not the best, qualified people to run for City Council. As part of the Democratic Town Committee, a parent and a hard-working citizen, I believe that Marcus and Kyle have what it takes to get the job done. They exemplify honesty, fairness and thoughtfulness in their district and the city of Bridgeport. I believe they will use those qualities to create a better balance between the districts and the city. I am confident they will put people before politics. Marcus and Kyle are the right people to help Bridgeport reach its full potential as a better city that I know it can be, under the right leadership with Marcus and Kyle.

From Fabio Mazo