Endorsed By GBYD and WFP

Marcus Brown and Kyle Langan are very honored and humbled to be endorsed by the Greater Bridgeport Young Democrats and the Working Families Party!
On their GBYD endorsement, the candidates said:
“As a founding member of Greater Bridgeport Young Democrats, this endorsement means a lot to me personally,” said Brown. “I see firsthand younger people seeking out leadership positions across the city. I look forward to bringing change to Bridgeport and to my district with the help of GBYD.”
“I am very humbled and honored to have received the endorsement of the Greater Bridgeport Young Democrats as I run for City Council for the 132nd District,” said Langan. “I really appreciate the community and political power of organizations like GBYD in Bridgeport as groups like this are vital to bringing change to our city. I look forward to working on building more community power and organizing in our city now and in the future.”
On their WFP endorsement, the candidates jointly said:
“We are honored to receive the Working Families Party endorsement and know they work very hard as a party in Bridgeport and in Connecticut. Just like WFP, we want to work to bring more jobs, fair taxes for the middle class and funding for better education for Bridgeport. We look forward to working with WFP to bring much-needed changes to our city and our district.”