Volunteer for the Campaign

We have a lot of ground to cover (literally) in the 132nd District to talk to voters as we work to get Marcus Brown and Kyle Langan elected.

Our campaign needs volunteers to help with canvassing and phonebanking throughout the next couple of months, up through primary day on Tuesday, September 12.

What’s canvassing? This is where we walk from street to street from home to home to engage voters at their door, aka direct voter contact. We talk to the voters about the issues they are facing and also inform them of the upcoming primary and Marcus and Kyle’s campaign. Direct voter contact is one of the best way to not only get votes, but to get good ideas for our campaign as issues from the voters are most important.

What’s phonebanking? This is where we call voters based on the home phone number they gave when they signed up to register to vote. This is a good follow up technique, as well as a good way to reach voters who don’t always answer the door when (appearing) strangers show up at their door.

Never canvassed or phonebanked before? That’s okay! At every volunteer activity, we have a training session before we send you out in teams and we will make sure you feel comfortable talking to voters before we send you out.

Sign up to help us reach more voters at!

Thank you so much for taking time out of your schedule to help us WIN our campaign!

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